Buying from China

In the past 30 years, Chinese pharmaceutical industries have undergone a rapid and fundamental transformation. The manufacturing standards have been significantly improved due to the enforcement of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) on producers by the China State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA). Any factories who failed the GMP inspection could be closed down if no improvements were made.

The increasing emphasis on GMP implementation and improved production quality makes a well-chosen Chinese factory an ideal partner for bulk sourcing, provided that the relationship and process are properly managed.

Research & development, clinical trials and biotechnology are also becoming major industries in China, thus open up and creating a lot of collaboration opportunity for overseas partners.

When China's open door policy was introduced in late 70's, Chinese producers had to sell their products through Government approved export entities. These export organizations represent many producers often with similar product range. The disadvantage for customers in this type of transaction is that they do not know which factory produced the products, as this could various from one shipment to another. Consequently, product quality could be jeopardized. This type of risk has been greatly reduced in recent years as more and more customers demand higher transparency. Our clients would send their own QA managers to inspect the Chinese facilities before committing to any businesses; and can be re-inspected on a regular basis.

From our working experience with both the clients and Chinese producers, they feel that this type of transparency working model is their prefer choice as it provides a better understanding and accountability to all parties concerned.

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